“Excuse me, can you tell me where the Sistine Chapel is?”

As the name implies, we visited the Vatican today! If you did not know, if you would like to go into the Sistine Chapel (Cappella Sistina) or Basilica, you must have your knees and shoulders covered. Rome is pretty hot though, especially in the middle of August. I start sweating when the sun looks at me here in Rome. There was no way I was going to wear pants and a long sleeve shirt. Now, you may ask, why don’t you wear a skirt and a t-shirt? Good question. I didn’t bring either item of clothing. So, we went to the Vatican, and looked around outside. WOW! I have no idea how they constructed such a thing. The statues, how? I am in awe everywhere I go in Rome, but the Vatican is definitely something else. I really wanted to see the Cappella Sistina though, so we asked a nice British tour guide where it was (we are the worst tourists ever). The tour guide was polite, told us where we needed to go, and then tried to sell us his tour, which we accepted. It sounded like a good deal, we would get coverings to wear into the chapel, and we could also bypass the 3 hour long line that had formed outside the entrance. So off we were, excited to go on our tour. We received headphones and little walkie talkie devices. At this point we felt like extreme tourists, all we needed were fanny packs. Like I said, we were excited to get a good deal and see the sites. Let me tell you about this tour… We met our tour guide, he was an older fellow, missing a couple toes, I’m pretty sure one of the toes that weren’t missing was broken, and he was limping. We thought to ourselves, “well at least we will walk slowly.” This man was a trooper! Do not be deceived, he spoke 3 languages fluently (Italian, English, and French). The Vatican was packed. We felt like cattle being herded around. There were tours everywhere, and if people weren’t with a tour, they seemed to wander and roam (no pun intended). The sites were fantastic though! We saw so much artwork. Even the floor was a work of art. My favorite site, though, was the Basilica. What!? I know, I enjoyed it even more than the Sistine Chapel (although that chapel was breathtaking). The Basilica is so….wondrous! You have to see it to understand. I can’t explain it in words, and if I try to, I’ll end up writing a book. Anyway, by the end of our 3 hour tour, we were sticky with sweat, tired, and hungry. So, we found a nice ristorante and had some food, and then strolled back to the hotel for some much needed rest.
Oh, I have to tell you something about the hotel. Our hotel is on a floor in a building (strange, I know, but when in Rome!). So, we take an elevator up 5 floors to get to our hotel. The elevator is soooo slow; I mean, extremely slow. Elise and I think there is a gremlin at the bottom of the elevator shaft struggling to pull the elevator up. We picture him at the bottom grunting and trying with all his might to pull the rope. Too funny.
Ok, so we are headed out to dinner so. I will try and write some more and post more pictures after dinner! Ciao!

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2 Responses to “Excuse me, can you tell me where the Sistine Chapel is?”

  1. Theresa Roslio says:

    Glad to see everyone having a good time:) Hi Elise!!! Love you all!

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